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Welcome To Shree Kitchens
Established in 2006. We Shree Kitchens Manufacturer Of  Modern Types Modular Kitchens.
Here's Some Images We Made Modern Modular Kitchens Design.

Modern Kitchen 
Modern Kitchen 
stainless steel baskets with pannels 
stainless steel baskets with pannels 

All want us to have a house and a kitchen of a medium size in the house.
So there is a good news for you, we Shree Kitchen make , Modern Type Modular Kitchen.
Modern kitchen is a fine example of today's world. Such kitchens are used in the whole world. There is no problem with the civil work in the customers. It is completely used in plywood wood which is fully waterproof and also termite proof.

In this work, we thank those companies who made this type of machines.
In modern kitchen cabinet is prepared from the machines, and laminate presses are done from the machine itself.It also uses a special glue. The edge banding bar is applied by this glue and machine on the edge of the plywood. This machine contributes to this work, as well as the artisans' contribution.

Talk about modern kitchen.
This includes plywood cabinets, plywood doors, plywood shelves, stainless steel baskets, stainless steel pull outs, granite, stainless steel sinks or any other materials made up , hinges, heavy duty telescopic channels or soft closing channels, stainless steel L-band patties , Glass Shelves , Design Glass, Aluminum Profile Doors Etc..

If we talk about stainless steel baskets, we have light weight C banding baskets with 5 mm & 3 mm rods.After making baskets it is plated, which is of 2 types, Electro  plating and chrome plating. Electro plating is done for the normal shine and chrome plating is used for much shine.
Which makes it easy for the customer to use the baskets, as well as the 10 year warranty, and if Clients suffer from any kind of problem in our product, we can get fix of it in 24 Hours.

We prepare our clients with a layout, which contains all the information about the kitchen.
This makes it easy for the customer to choose the design. We offer our customers a good service in addition to working at the cost of good quality and low passes.Apart from this, we also have many professional carpenters, who are doing their job wisely and wholeheartedly.We want to see a smile on the faces of our customers.

You Can Contact Us To Inquiry About The Modular Kitchens And Any Other Furniture Work Or To Start A New Work. We Will Do You A Better Job And At Cheap Rates. There Is Nothing More For Us Than The Happiness Of Your Face.    We Hope & Glad This Blog You Will Like It.So Thank You Guys For Your Support Keep Watching & Searching. Please Like,Share And Comments.

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